Welcome to Last Month

- post from Jan 10, 2010

Sweet little prediction I had.   Hung?  Well at least the last line.  Jump to the link.


PocketInformant | an App I thought I would never use again

PocketInformant use to be just a PocketPC app.  Back in “the day” I bought my share of Pocket PC apps.  Hearing about PocketInformant getting released for the iPhone takes me back to the days when we talked sleds/sleeves, iPaqs, Compact Flash, the Jornada, or even when Casio played the PDA game.

Not sure I need PocketInformant, but here some video coverage at MacWorld.

[via TUAW]

The Apple “Brick”

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has started and interesting discussion about a rumored Apple product that has yet to be released.

I think it’s a MacMini without a CD/DVD drive.  Built for none laptop users.  Built for office situations.  Like most of the Dells and IBM machines we had or have at our desks.

Everything has moved to the cloud.  No need for huge hard drives and removable media in today’s office situation.

I think it will be about the size of a XBOX360 power supply.

Apple's new Brick?

Macenstein via TUAW