MacMin Media: Display Prep

The MacMini Media Center had been attempted once before.  The only thing hold it back was the display.  I was trying to connect the MacMini to a 47″ Panasonic Rear Projection HD TV.  The TV was not able to hold the resolution I needed.  The project was at a dead end until I could afford update the display.

Three weeks ago I got a break.  Well, a break as defined by anyone who’s waiting for something to break, allowing for a mindless decision to buy something new.  The red convergence went out on the Panasonic.  Great.  However, the family and I were about to leave on vacation for 15 days.  The replacement search would have to be put on hold until we returned.

As relaxing as a vacation can be, my mind would often slip into another place, a place where 52″ LCDs lived.  A place where women want large LCDs as much as men do.  That was a good, and warm.  It was the longest vacation I have ever taken, the anticipation was killing me.  I found myself waking up in the middle of the night.  I would sneak over our hotel rooms desk and type URLS like, and

When we returned luggage was unloaded and shampoo was returned to the bathrooms.  That night we all sat down to take in a nice movie at home.  Seems as if everyone but me had forgot that the TV was busted.  I of course played it off like I had forgotten also.  I said things like “Oh yeah, that slipped my mind.” and “It can wait a week or so.”  I figured this nonchalant attitude would go over well with the wife.  Suddenly this new TV purchase was important to someone else but me.  She was playing right into my remote less hand.

She asked me to look in tomorrows paper and see what I can find.  I shrugged my shoulders not making eye contact and said ok, if you want.