iHeartRadio App from the App Store

iheart-radio1jpgThis is one great app.  Pulls all the ClearChannel stations in your area or around the US.  Great Talk radio too.  A must have app for anyone who likes radio. I was very successful streaming Rush today via Denver’s 850KOA this afternoon.  Too bad contract obligations with the Colorado Rockies don’t allow for streaming of MLB games.  I was pleasantly surprised that a radio station company like Clear Channel would put together an app like this.  It’s really time the old media started embraced these types of things.  Now let’s just keep it free if we can.

Version 2.1 Includes:  Search 100+ stations, Bookmark your favorites, Tag songs for purchase in iTunes, Shake It! and find something new

Works With:  Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, WiFi, EDGE or 3G data connection, iPhone OS 2.0.2 or later