When will we see Gray Powell again?

image from Facebook

When do think we will all see Gray Powell again?  Here at the PocketUp nerve center Powell marketing ideas have been flying around all last week.

For those of you just waking from coma, Gray Powell work for Apple.  He left the ex-top secret Gen 4 iPhone at a bar after tossing back a few brews.  You can see full story here.

Here’s a small list of how we think Gray could make the most of recent “fame”.  What would you do now, if you were Gray Powell?

  • Apple let’s him keynote the release event.  Using a “you started it, no finish it” theme.
  • He becomes the lead spokesman for StuffBack
  • Budlight…we could spend all day rolling those ideas
  • He gets promoted to Apple’s head of MobileMe, touting it’s remote wipe feature
  • Windows Mobile hires him to “lose” one of their new creations

PocketInformant | an App I thought I would never use again

PocketInformant use to be just a PocketPC app.  Back in “the day” I bought my share of Pocket PC apps.  Hearing about PocketInformant getting released for the iPhone takes me back to the days when we talked sleds/sleeves, iPaqs, Compact Flash, the Jornada, or even when Casio played the PDA game.

Not sure I need PocketInformant, but here some video coverage at MacWorld.

[via TUAW]

Apple’s New Netbook

custom_1238361479213_attachment_1_-1_01.jpgA few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on clues to Apple’s next product release. Since then we have seen a few new clues and possibly an image of the device.

I am skeptical of the image that has been going around. An earlier report from a Chinese manufacturer was that Apple was ordering touch screens. Why would this design need a tough screen?

I think the device will be a large version of the iPhone, running the iPhone OS. I also believe Apple and AT&T’s agreement was constructed on the promise that Apple will release a product every year that will use AT&Ts network.

It is entirely possible that July will bring two new devices. A 9-10″ sub-notebook with 3G(pictured) and a larger iPhone style device(NetTablet)

[image thanks to Gizmodo]

iPhone 2.1 Out!

The much hyped 2.1 update is now posted on Apple’s site.  I’m downloading now with big expectations.  Enjoy!

Gizmodo | iPhone 3g cracking

Gizmodo reported a few minutes ago that the white 3G iPhones were cracking.  This made me look a little closer at my black 16gb.  Yup it’s cracked too.  The back of the 3G won’t blend, but it will crack.

Is yours cracked?

7/19 | Denver Handheld User Group Meeting

Our next meeting is tomorrow, Saturday July 19th.  We are meeting at the normal South location

Evonne Ryan’s Office
5944 S. Kipling Suite 350
Littleton, CO 80127

Here is a rough agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Handheld News
  3. Favorite Mobile Appication (WM, Blackberry, iPhone)

Handheld News Topics to Cover:

  • iPhone 3G (release, apps store, GPS, 3G)
  • Sprint Touch finally gets WM6.1
  • Blackberry releasing 2 new devices before fall. The Thunder (no keyboard), The Bold (keyboard)
  • new Jawbone released
  • MobileMe and other Exchange Services