Forum Is Up

I’ve always been excited about new solutions.  Since I’m a huge WordPress guy I was glad to come across Simple:Press.  Now I know this site doesn’t really need a forum, but a group I belong to needs a forum for some planning.

A few friends from another Denver Handheld User Group is wanting to branch off and start a new group.  The current group has been dominated by a few individuals which is not going helping others.  The group use to help each other no matter what platform, Apple, Windows, Droid, Blackberry, Palm.   The group has suddenly turned into an instruction session by one of the members.  The “teaching” is very one-sided.  I understand we all have opinions, some very strong.  A social group that meets on a Saturday morning is not the place for name calling and device bashing.  Seriously it’s a phone, an operating system, an application.

The new group is in the process of forming.  I hope we can meet in the Denver Tech Center once a month.  The plan is to have format that we stick with every meeting.  Facilitators will be chosen by the group two months ahead of time.  That persons job is just to keep everyone on schedule and to keep the conversation from being dominated.  As for other info, that’s about it so far.  Please check out the forum that has been dedicated to this group.


I’m dong some maintenance, theme editing and even adding a forum this weekend(1/30-31/10).  Bare with me while I get things better than normal.

I am also growing unhappy with the local Mobile User Group I have been attending.  A few members and I have been tossing around the idea of a starting a new group.  If you’re in Denver and would like to be apart post up in the comment section and I’ll make sure to get you the meeting information.

Boy Scout Popcorn

I don’t ask for much from any of you. I’m not asking to support me, maybe a click on a google ad from time time. Maybe a request to order some stuff through my Amazon link.

Now I ask for a small favor. My boys are selling Boy Scout Popcorn this year. 33% of the money you spend goes directly to their Pack. 33% goes to popcorn costs. The rest is used to buy prizes and promo stuff used to get the boys excited about selling.

By the way, the popcorn is pretty tasty too.

Jacob = last name A-L Use Code: TEMD2TZ

Trevor = last name M-Z Use Code: TEMD2SU

My Odyssey

Our Odyssey is up on Check it out. Here is a list of the main features.

  • 2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L
  • 40,160 miles
  • V6 (ECO model, 3 cyl shut down at highway speeds saving fuel)
  • Honda Navigation System
  • Honda DVD rear entertainment center
  • automatic dual sliding doors
  • leather
  • moonroof
  • class IV tow package, transmission cooler (3500lbs)
  • power set, windows, locks, etc

The vehcile is absolutly beautiful. Never been in a accident. Here is a free CarFax report. We are the orginal owners and it was bought right here in Colorado. All service records can be obtained. If you have to drive a minvan…this is the one to drive. :D

“welcome back, welcome back, weeellcome baaack”

ooooo, oooooo  Mr. Kotter, where has PocketUp been for the past few months?

I was on hiatus.  Ok I was working a real job.  Yes 50-55 hours a week slaving away like the rest of you slugs. They went belly up so I am bellying back up to the keyboard and blogging for food.

The site got hacked so I yanked everything down back in January.  Like that day I realized the Micheal Knight poster on my wall was no longer cool, I ripped it all down.  No backed up databases or anything like that, too easy.  So I’m starting from scratch.

In the next few days I’ll be diving into my Mac Mini Media Center project again.  It’s almost done and boy is it cool.  You’ll see 2 terabytes of backed-up DVDs, 52″ of 1080p glory.  You’ll all just have to wait.

Looks like I am getting this started again right around iPhone 2.0.  What’s next for WindowsMobile, Nokia, and RIM.  They all have new things working right now.

I am also opening up the posting to a select few.  I will even offer up your very own ad space.  So get your account up and running and drop me a line.  I need some WindowsMobile and Nokia geeks to pound away on their keyboards.

Read away