Clues to Apple’s new Tablet Style Device

1) Airport and Time Capsule internet disk sharing via Mobile me - Why? This will specifically allow for sharing files on devices with small hard drives. The new tablet will most likely have to have a Solid State Drive. Having the ability to access large storage is key to the success of a small, tablet with good battery life

2) The Mini Display Port - DVI via a plug that is not thicker that USB is key to making a thin tablet style device. New devices with this plug are showing up all over Apples line.

3) No 4G iPhone rumors - With the lack of new iPhone rumors it a only makes sense with the rumored 3rd quarter release. A tablet could easily be outfitted to work on AT&T’s 3G Network.

4) Airport Extreme and Time Capsule now support separate tunnels - They support operating in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously.  Since the new device will be too thin to have a network jack, the new tablet will have 5ghz Wifi.  This will limit however limit the places the device can be used.  People will grip about this when it is released.  Apple will assume everyone has or should have 5ghz.    They will make the case that 3G should cover you when roaming outside 5ghz.  Apple will refuse again to dumb down a device to a corporate environment.

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