Apple’s New Netbook

custom_1238361479213_attachment_1_-1_01.jpgA few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on clues to Apple’s next product release. Since then we have seen a few new clues and possibly an image of the device.

I am skeptical of the image that has been going around. An earlier report from a Chinese manufacturer was that Apple was ordering touch screens. Why would this design need a tough screen?

I think the device will be a large version of the iPhone, running the iPhone OS. I also believe Apple and AT&T’s agreement was constructed on the promise that Apple will release a product every year that will use AT&Ts network.

It is entirely possible that July will bring two new devices. A 9-10″ sub-notebook with 3G(pictured) and a larger iPhone style device(NetTablet)

[image thanks to Gizmodo]

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