Boy Scout Popcorn

I don’t ask for much from any of you. I’m not asking to support me, maybe a click on a google ad from time time. Maybe a request to order some stuff through my Amazon link.

Now I ask for a small favor. My boys are selling Boy Scout Popcorn this year. 33% of the money you spend goes directly to their Pack. 33% goes to popcorn costs. The rest is used to buy prizes and promo stuff used to get the boys excited about selling.

By the way, the popcorn is pretty tasty too.

Jacob = last name A-L Use Code: TEMD2TZ

Trevor = last name M-Z Use Code: TEMD2SU

Simplify Media | Stream your iTunes Library via 3G and WiFi

Do you like streaming iTunes music from MAC to MAC?  I do.  Now you can stream it to your iPhone.  Right now I have it working with Edge, 3G and WiFi.

You can also share your library with 30 of your friends.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  Thanks Gizmodo for the the story.

iTunes direct link to applicaiton

Simplify Media

The Dash Express | GPS with Wifi and GPRS

My demo Dash Express should arrive today.  I was cleared for a demo unit a few weeks ago, but the recent software update slowed the mailing of it. I will be testing it out while on a five day driving trip with the local Mini Cooper club.

The Dash Express combines two forms of communication, Wifi and GPRS.  The Wifi feature will be convenient for sending trip information to the unit.  Your trips are already in the unit before you get in the car.  Trips are created from a desktop application, then sent to the unit over your Wifi network. This will be great for adding destinations along a route.  My TomTom is great for getting from my current location to another.  However I would like the ability to enter destinations along the way.  I am hoping the desktop application will make this process a lot easier.

Buy one: Dash Express Two-Way Internet-Connected Portable GPS Navigator